The following is a list of recommended reference books.

Michael Hyatt’s book is the best on the market to help you build your platform. It doesn’t matter if you write fiction or non-fiction. Michael will guide you through the process of defining yourself and setting your path to success.

Kathy Ide has been mentoring writers for years. She knows what works and what doesn’t work. So why spend years trying to learn the market, when Kathy can guide you to the bestseller’s list?

Editor-Proof Your Writing has been an invaluable resource for me. I re-read this little gem before publishing each book. Even though I hire a professional copy-editor, this book has been a great tool.

No writer should be without this book. Screenwriters and fiction writers both will find this book will help them build believable characters and strong plots.

Another gem for learning how to edit before putting yourself out there to an agent, editor or contest judge.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending workshops by one of America’s bestselling romance writers, Susan May Warren. I’ve enjoyed reading many of her books. She truly knows how to tell a good story, so when she came out with this book, I had to have it. Susan walks you through the process of writing a page turn in a conversational style that is engaging and informative.

Dr. Robert Rohm walks through the different personalities and helps you understand what makes them tick. This is a wonderful resource for fiction writers wanting to add depth and realism to their characters. It is also a terrific resource for non-fiction writers. As it will help you write in such a way as to engage any reader—no matter their personality type.