Formatting Services:

  1. Complete the formatting services application and tell us a bit about your manuscript.
  2. Complete the formatting selecting form for e-book and or print to specify your formatting selections.
    1. If you are requesting formatting for both print and e-book, complete both formatting applications.
  3. Send the completed applications to
  4. Upon receiving the applications, we will send an invoice with expected turnaround time.
  5. Once payment has been received, we will provide a firm date of completion and a secure server to upload the manuscript.
    1. Save the manuscript in Word Format as a .doc or .docx.
    2. For documents saved as text (.txt) or .rtf, there is an additional $25.00 conversion fee.
  6. We will return the formatted manuscript in Word.
  7. We will also return the formatted manuscript as a PDF file with embedded fonts.
  8. You will have a set time in which to review and request minor changes.
    1. Major changes such as to font, chapter heading styles, vector changes and or changes that affect page count will require a change order.
    2. With a change order, a revised quote will be sent and an invoice.
    3. After payment is processed, we will complete the change requested.
  9. You have three (3) days (36 hours) to accept the formatting. If we do not receive a final acceptance within three (3) days (36 hours), we consider that to be a final acceptance.

Information on pricing for formatting services is here.