Every writer needs a second set of eyes to catch the plot holes, scan the story structure, confirm characters are well developed, and that the scenes flow.

It is difficult for authors to obtain objective feedback on their story. Critique groups are often too slow to respond or inexperienced to offer the feedback needed to take a story from good to great. While critique groups are wonderful for getting the draft down, critiques happen one chapter or scene at a time, over a long period of time. Groups are often looking at three to five manuscripts at the same time. Members of critique groups often struggle to keep the stories straight.

Let’s face it, your mom, spouse, and aunt Edna may be ferocious readers, however they know very little about publishing. Family and friends lack the in-depth knowledge of writing to provide the necessary feedback to help your story shine.

Contests provide very little feedback on a short section of the manuscript. You might end up with a polished first chapter, but if an editor or agent asks for the full manuscript, it better be as good as the first chapter. You only get one chance—so you have to put your best effort in front of them.

We use a 25 point checklist to review and analyze your manuscript for continuity, plot, character development, scene structure, pacing and other crucial elements. Integra is not just a beta reader service, but a writing coach. We partner with you, the author, by providing you the tools to improve and grow as a writer.

Allow us to help you unlock the keys to a great manuscript. beta-reader

What Beta Readers Do:
Read your manuscript from start to finish.
Find inconsistencies with the plot and provide suggestions to fix them.
Offer suggestions on improving character development.
Confirm if the goal, motive, and conflict are enough to carry the story and offer suggestions for improvement.
Work with you on a time frame and provide an estimate as to how long the project will take.
Provide a written response of the critique with suggestions for improvement, highlighting the positive qualities and offer tools for improvement.
Provide honest and objective feedback.

What a Beta Reader Does Not Do:
Offer suggestions that alter the author’s natural voice.
Publicly post feedback. We are not a book review service.
Copy-edit or proofread your story. (However, if we stumble upon grammatical errors we will point them out.)
Handle the author with kid gloves, side-step or otherwise white-wash our findings. The hard work an author puts into their story deserves honest feedback.

Fiction genres we currently review:
Historical Fiction
Women’s Fiction
Romance – contemporary, historical, regency,
Young Adult
Mystery / suspense
Religious / Christian

Non-Fiction genres we review:
Christian Living
Personal Growth

Genres we do NOT review:
Same-sex romance
Science fiction