Have a great idea or story that you want to share, but haven’t the time to professionally produce a book?

That is exactly why Integra Author Services was created.

As a business consultant, indie publisher, and writer I struggled to find the time to learn the industry and eventually produce my first book. Now, years later, I want to help you achieve success.

By providing the services every writer needs, Integra can save you time, money, and frustration.

dreamstime_xl_13575693We partner with you, the author, by providing you the tools to improve and grow as a writer. Integra’s beta reading service is designed to help you polish your manuscript to be it’s very best. Learn more about our beta reading service here.

Once the story is complete and you’re ready to publish, our formatting service prepares your manuscript for print and e-book publishing. Learn more about our formatting services here.

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